Mapping the future of our wastewater collection system

Clark Regional Wastewater District is currently updating the General Sewer Plan. The District’s vision for the General Sewer Plan is a readily accessible and easy to understand infrastructure plan based on practical land use planning assumptions. The plan will provide a road map for future expansion of the wastewater system to serve all of the District’s service area. It will also set forth a clear framework for forecasting, scoping and prioritizing future capital and restoration and replacement (R&R) project needs. 

This update is being completed so the District can continue to:

  • Provide affordable and reliable service to all current and future customers 
  • Protect public and environmental health
  • Meet the latest regulatory requirements
  • Meet the capacity needs of our growing community
  • Support economic development

Planning Process

The General Sewer Plan will take an in-depth look at technical data, along with customer values and necessary policy decisions to create a 20-year infrastructure investment plan. It will include a summary report of the general location, condition, demand, capacity and description of all collection system facilities, including wastewater pipelines, pump stations, monitoring and control facilities. Detailed engineering analysis will be conducted to assure technical feasibility and expansion of the wastewater system in a logical, cost-effective manner. 

Key Outcomes

As part of the planning process, the District aims to accomplish the following key tasks:

  • Establish Unit Flow Values (flow per person, employee, & student) based upon historical data and recent water consumption trends
  • Develop a calibrated and dynamic hydraulic model of the collection system
  • Evaluate capacity of the collection system based upon a “design storm event” which is to be defined
  • Forecast sewer capacity needs for the next 20 years
  • Develop long-term infrastructure plans to provide service
  • Forecast future Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and R&R investments
  • Identify sources of CIP and R&R funding
  • Financial modeling of rates and charges
  • Engage community stakeholders and provide meaningful input opportunities

Project Schedule

Although the planning process is already underway, this is a complex and technical project that requires a significant amount of time and effort to complete. The General Sewer Plan document won’t begin to take shape until late 2017. The draft will be available for public review and comment in early 2018. The District Board of Commissioners is slated to adopt the plan mid-year 2018. The following schedule provides a brief overview of the plan components and opportunities for public involvement.

General Sewer Plan Project Schedule