Industrial Pretreatment Program Delegation

Public Notice: The Washington State Department of Ecology is accepting comments on the proposed Discovery Clean Water Alliance Industrial Pretreatment Program. For more information on the program and how to submit comments, please visit

Project Overview

On behalf of the Alliance, the District has been working proactively and collaboratively with its Member agencies and the Washington State Department of Ecology to develop a delegated program that will serve the current and future needs of our community. The Alliance’s Salmon Creek Regional Wastewater Management System is a critical part of the community’s public infrastructure. Handling approximately 8 to 10 million gallons of wastewater per day, the system meets the federal thresholds for pretreatment program delegation, which are based on the size of the treatment plant and the presence of industrial users in the service area. As a result, Ecology has indicated its interest in delegating authority to administer the program locally. Delegation of authority involves a transfer of legal and regulatory authority and responsibilities for the program from the state (Ecology) to the local level (Alliance). The delegated program will provide local users with a more accessible and responsive program.

As Administrative Lead for the Alliance, the District will implement the delegated program and perform all required administrative and technical duties. Many of the program elements are already occurring locally, under the non-delegated program which the District administers today throughout its service area and the City of Battle Ground. Most of the program changes with delegation are legal and administrative in nature, to facilitate the transition to a locally managed Alliance program. The District and the City of Battle Ground, as the two agencies that own and manage collections systems, will continue to work cooperatively with the Alliance to ensure that the delegated program is administered consistently and effectively across the entire regional service area.