Welcome to the District's Ridgefield Customer webpage. This “one-stop” info center explains:

  • Why the City of Ridgefield has decided to transfer its sewer collection system to the District;
  • How the transfer will impact Ridgefield customers; and
  • How the transfer plays an integral role in efforts to strengthen our regional economy.

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What’s happening:

For additional details on any topic, please download the Ridgefield Customer Questions and Answers document. This “frequently-asked-questions” document addresses information for residential and business customers alike, and provides detailed information about District billing and payment procedures. Here are the basics:

  1. The Ridgefield City Council and Clark Regional Wastewater District Board of Commissioners have officially approved an agreement that transfers ownership and operation of the City of Ridgefield's sewer collection system to the District on January 1, 2014. This will connect Ridgefield to a larger utility with significant collection and treatment capacity, meaning Ridgefield customers will share in the District’s low and stable rates and sufficient capacity to accommodate growth.
  2. There will be no interruption to Ridgefield service during or following the transfer.
  3. Ridgefield customers will receive their first District bill on February 3, 2014. There are many convenient ways to pay, and discounts for low-income seniors still apply.  Additional information about payment processing will be mailed to new customers by the District prior to the transfer.
  4. District sewer system connection charges will be less per new home or equivalent residential unit than projected Ridgefield charges in 2014.
  5. Ultimately, the transfer makes it possible to maintain stable customer rates while also providing access to sewer service for Ridgefield’s commercial and industrial lands. With sewer service in place, these properties will be able to support additional job and revenue generation.

How do I learn more about this decision?

For more details, read the Transfer and Operating Agreement and Press Release announcing its signature. Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow and City Council also issued two letters to City residents outlining the Council’s reasons for pursuing the sewer system transfer. Those letters are combined and viewable here. Additional background can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding, a briefing paper, and Frequently Asked Questions document distributed to customers in 2012.

How does Ridgefield becoming part of the District help the regional economy?

Based on considerable analysis and extensive public engagement, the Clark Regional Wastewater District, Clark County and the Cities of Ridgefield and Battleground agreed to form a regional sewer partnership in 2012. This partnership, known as the Discovery Clean Water Alliance (DCWA), will help prevent redundant capital costs for the participating agencies and help the District maintain stable rates for its sewer customers by pooling resources and ensuring full use of existing facilities.

During the course of the regional analysis, an important paradox came to light: While the majority of undeveloped industrial and commercial sites are located within the City of Ridgefield’s urban growth area, the City’s capacity to meet future sewer demand could fall short by as soon as 2014.

The costs associated with upgrading the City of Ridgefield’s sewer system would result in significant rate increases for City customers. To avoid this outcome, the City is transfering its sewer collection system to the Clark Regional Wastewater District (District). This move helps preserve stable rates for Ridgefield customers and ensures adequate sewer treatment capacity is in place to serve future job and revenue-generating uses in the City’s commercial and industrial zones. This development activity will, in turn, produce economic benefits for Ridgefield and the broader District service area.

The District will ultimately connect the Ridgefield portion of the District’s service area to the Salmon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant by means of a new Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System (DCWTS). The new force main project is scheduled to be in place by 2016.

If I am interested in development in Ridgefield, is there more information for me?

The “Supplemental Notice to the Development Community” is intended to supplement the City’s and District’s dialogue with the development community about what to expect related to sewer infrastructure in Ridgefield over the next few years. This notice includes a map of the 6-year capital program to provide agreed upon sewer extensions serving the Ridgefield junction area.

What if I still have questions?

The District operates a central customer service line for any and all questions and sewer service requests. Please call 360-750-5876 and we will route your question or request to the appropriate contact. The service line is available twenty-four hours a day, every day.

For questions about how the system transfer will apply to you, please call Heidi Rosenberg, Project Manager at 360-993-8818.