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Excellence in Communications Award

In 2016 District was recognized by Pacific Northwest Section ‐ American Water Works Association with an Excellence in Communications Award. The honor was presented to the District in May 2016 at the PNWS‐AWWA conference in Boise, ID. The award is for the pollution prevention campaign – “Be Sewer Smart” featuring Frog and FOGG.

PNWS-AWWA AwardBe Sewer Smart

Governor’s Smart Communities Award Winners

State honors regional sewer partnership for smart growth planning. Discovery Clean Water Alliance to provide infrastructure for economic expansion.

Mt. St. Helens

Freeze the Grease Kit

Cooking oil and grease poured down drains can build up in pipes and cause backups in your home. Call the District at 360‑993‑8882 or sign up today – we’ll mail you a free Freeze the Grease kit.

Reliable Service Tips

Reliable service starts at home. Practice these easy tips to keep your service running smoothly and affordably.