Staff Contact List

Name Title
Norm Harker President
Neil Kimsey Vice President
Denny Kiggins Secretary
John Peterson General Manager
Kim Thur Board Clerk/Administrative Services Manager
Leanne Mattos Senior Administrative Assistant
Marcella Laasch Administrative Assistant 3
Ursula Conley Administrative Assistant 2
Kelly Solomon Administrative Assistant 2
Maria Webster Administrative Assistant 1
Robin Krause Principal Engineer (Transmission & Treatment)
Kristen Thomas Regulatory Compliance Manager
Shawn Moore Business Services Director
Hilary Gorham Human Resources Manager
Kim Gribner Human Resources Specialist
Mike Mayhak Facilities Technician
ENGINEERING 360‐993‐4000
Heath Henderson Engineering Director
Vanessa Johnson Principal Engineer (Collection & Conveyance)
Jerry Barnett Senior Project Manager
David Dolan Senior Project Manager
Dale Lough Senior Project Manager
Linda Bauer Administrative Assistant 3
Nichole Chambers Administrative Assistant 3
Les MacDonald Development Program Manager
Jason Oster Senior Engineering Technician (Development)
Katie Hall Engineering Technician (Development)
Marie LaManna Engineering Technician (Development)
Wisam Al Jawadi Engineering Technician (Inspection)
Jose Gonzalez Engineering Technician (Inspection)
Cedrick Redula Engineering Technician (Inspection)
John Perala Engineering Technician (Capital)
Tom Sedlacek Senior GIS Specialist
Bob Sanguinetti Construction Program Manager
Tom Grange Senior Construction Manager
Chris Stangl Construction Manager
Anna Tinoco Engineering Intern
FINANCE 360-993-4001
David Logan Finance Director/Treasurer
Brian Wolf Accounting Manager
Veronica McPherson Accountant
Gabrielle Morgan Accounting Technician
Christina White Accounting Technician
Vikki Rowe Customer Account Supervisor
Beth Bicknell Account Specialist
Emily Brown Account Specialist
Andrew Haynes Account Specialist
Elise Robbins Account Specialist
Marla McGourty Assistant Account Specialist
Emily Proudfoot Assistant Account Specialist
Britny Carrier Finance Manager
Rich Ludlow Wastewater Operations Manager (Collection)
Lisa Standiford Administrative Assistant 3
Dustin Harris Maintenance Supervisor
Evan Westervelt Maintenance Supervisor
Spenser Fox Maintenance Specialist 3
Alan Johnson Maintenance Specialist 3
Dan Reveal Maintenance Specialist 3
Alberto Sanchez-Munoz Maintenance Specialist 3
Dave Gadbaugh Maintenance Specialist 2
Jeff Henderson Maintenance Specialist 2
Bob Melton Maintenance Specialist 2
Tyler Schmitt Maintenance Specialist 2
Brandonn Wilmoth Maintenance Specialist 2
Travis Becker Maintenance Specialist 1
Jessica Hassler Maintenance Specialist 1
Andrew Johnson Maintenance Specialist 1
Sam Robertson Maintenance Specialist 1
Luke Taylor Maintenance Specialist 1
Dean Vandermeer Maintenance Specialist 1
Melissa Armstrong Control Systems Administrator
Josh Broselle Electrician
109 W Division St, Ridgefield, WA 98642
Kyle Mellinger Operator 2
15100 NW McCann Rd, WA 98685
Matt Jenkins Wastewater Operations Manager (Treatment)
Tracy Flores Administrative Assistant 3
Garrett Solinger Control Systems Technician
Dmitriy Bashkatov Laboratory Coordinator
Kevin Rathje Facility and Grounds Caretaker
Brandon Ahola Operator 3
Mike Allen Operator 2
Kevin Bulder Operator 2
Dawn McDowell Operator 2
Kevin Hossom Operator 2
Shawn Spain Operator 1
John Brown Maintenance & Asset Management Supervisor
Nate Swyers Operator & Maintenance Technician 3
Tim Hanson Maintenance Technician 3
Jeff Welch Maintenance Technician 3
Isaac Saavedra Maintenance Technician 2
Ryan Krause Maintenance Technician 1