The 2021-2022 LIHWAP program season (October – July) has concluded. This federally funded program is designed to assist low-income households experiencing economic hardships due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please revisit the CRWWD website for updates regarding the possible continuation of the program into the next fiscal year. To find out about other state and local resources, visit or

Residential Rate Programs

The District works hard to maintain low and stable rates for all customers. But even with some of the lowest rates in the state, we understand that it can be a struggle for some to pay their sewer bill. For those struggling to pay their bills we offer the following rate program.

Senior Citizen Discount Program

Seniors citizens that are 62 or older that meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines may qualify for a reduced rate. More »

Extended Vacancy Credit Program

Owners of vacant single-family residential dwellings may be eligible for an extended vacancy credit. The program is designed to assist customers, regardless of the circumstances, who find their home vacant for an extended period. More »

Low Income Home Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)

For qualified low-income households who have experienced economic hardship due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. More »