The 2022-2023 LIHWAP program season (October – June) has concluded. This federally-funded program designed to assist low-income households experiencing economic hardships due to the Coronavirus Pandemic has been exhausted. Please revisit the CRWWD website for updates regarding the possible continuation of the program into the next fiscal year. To find out about other state and local resources, visit

Serving our customers is one of the highest priorities at the District. It’s at the heart of our mission. We’re here to provide customer-focused, professional wastewater services to all of our customers: residential, multi-family, industrial and commercial.

Account Assistance

Helpful tips to manage your online account: enabling e‑billing, recurring payments, and updating credit card options. More »

Account Assistance

Information about your bill and payment options, account updates, information on “pay-offs”. More »

Account Assistance

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Extended Vacancy

Owners of vacant single family residential dwellings may be eligible for an extended vacancy credit. More »