Tenant Improvements

A Tenant Improvement is when an existing building or tenant space, already connected to sanitary sewer, is undergoing a remodel or renovation. The commercial or industrial building owner, the small business owner, or a consultant submits for a commercial building permit with the land-use authority, (e.g. Clark County) which initiates the process.

The District review of this process is an abbreviated plan review. Much of the focus is on pretreatment review (e.g. restaurants or other businesses which may be discharging non-residential strength waste into the system) and on payment of additional connection charges and fees. The Commercial Flow Calculation Form calculates the amount of use for various types of establishments. The completed form is a requirement of the Tenant Improvement process.

For more information about pretreatment requirements, please see the Alliance Pretreatment Program.

Tenant Improvements



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This process is also known as tenant improvement. To have your building permit released, the District requires the following:

  • Floor Plans
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Plan review fee of $100
  • Pretreatment fee of $25.00

Any applicable connection fees will need to be paid prior to the District releasing final occupancy.

If the Tenant Improvement increases the amount of ERU’s, then additional connection fees will be due. To determine the number of ERU’s, complete and submit the Commercial Flow Calculation Form. You may contact the District via email or phone to find out whether connection charges have been previously paid for the space.