Highlights of the District’s capital work and current projects

NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline

The District will be performing proactive maintenance and rehabilitation of the existing sewer line in Cougar Canyon between NW 99th Street and NW 115th Court. More »

Campus Facilities Master Plan

Clark Regional Wastewater District is preparing to expand facilities on its campus to house its growing operations for the next 20 years. More »

Capital Program

The District administers an active Capital Program to maintain and expand the sanitary sewer collection system and other District assets. More »

Pipe shoring staging

The District is an active partner in the community, protecting our water resources. There are roughly 6,000 existing septic systems throughout our service area, including 40 residential neighborhoods. The District has identified more than 40 SEP project areas and neighborhoods, including over 1,500 aging and sometimes failing septic systems. More »

Construction Forecast

As each year progresses, the construction activity in the District service area ebbs and flows. More »

Construction History

Completed construction projects. More »

Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System Program

The Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System (DCWTS), which provides service to the City of Ridgefield and the Discovery Corridor, is a multi-phased regional conveyance system that directs wastewater southward to the Salmon Creek Treatment Plant. More »

NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline

The NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline project will install just over a half mile of new 30-inch diameter sewer pipe in NE 20th Avenue between NE 152nd Street and NE 139th Street. More »