Wallace Heights Septic Elimination Project

Project Background

The District is committed to protecting water resources by providing public sewers to areas currently served by on-site septic systems.  Extending the sewer reduces long-term risks to the environment, allowing for the abandonment of septic systems that can fail over time.

Using an established set of criteria, the District evaluated individual Septic Elimination Project (SEP) areas and identified the highest-priority projects. The Wallace Heights project rose to the top of the list.

The project will extend sewer service in the neighborhood by installing public sewer mains and public sewer laterals. Public sewer laterals will be extended to the property line, which may be located behind the curb, to minimize homeowner cost for private sewer lateral improvements.

Wallace Heights Septic Elimination Project
Wallace Heights Septic Elimination Project Area Map

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The project is currently in design. Construction is currently planned for 2025.

Wallace Heights schedule

Construction Impacts

Construction to install the sewer will use open-cut excavation methods, which consists of digging a trench, laying pipe, and backfilling. Public sewer mains will generally run parallel with roadways. Public sewer laterals will extend from the sewer main to the property line which may be located behind the curb. Photos from past projects are included below.

Wallace Heights Construction Impacts
Wallace Heights Construction Impacts


The District is actively seeking and applying for funding to aid in lowering project costs and make the connection to sewer more accessible for residents. The District has successfully obtained partial project funding through two state grants. These grants were made possible through the support provided by State Representatives Greg Cheney and Sharon Wylie. Their support is appreciated, and current efforts are focused on funding at the federal level.

To supplement grant funding the District will use system development charge revenue, which is collected from new development, to fund the remaining cost for the project.

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