Fraud Alert

Warning Scam AlertDid you know that according to the Better Business Bureau, people are more susceptible to utility scams than they are to Internal Revenue Service scams? Customers are being targeted by criminals claiming to be from Clark Regional Wastewater District, threatening disconnection unless a payment is made immediately. This is a scam!

These scammers are very cunning, deceptive and convincing. They will use phone calls, emails, and even utility billing statements. However, with a little bit of information, you can protect yourself.

Beware of:

  • Phone Calls – from individuals pretending to be District employees; caller ID may even show the call appearing to come from the District
    • Asking you to make a payment immediately
    • Directing you to buy a prepaid gift card
    • Threatening disconnection
  • Emails
    • Soliciting personal information
    • Directing you to click on hyperlinks to update your information, payment method or make a payment
    • Asking you to download your utility bill
    • Advising you of a refund
  • Utility Billing Statements – fake statements which contain District logo and name, but all other information is incorrect.
    • Directing you to make a payment using a new District address or phone number
    • Charging you for services not provided by the District (e.g., rent, internet)
Fake Utility Bill statement
Fake Utility Bill statement

Do Not Make a Payment or provide personal information!  Hang up and call the District at 360-993-4001 during business hours to check on the status of your account.

When making payments online, go directly to our website by typing and use the links provided. Do not access payment sites using links from an email. NEVER click on a link or open an email attachment if you do not know who it came from or why you received it. Once you’ve accessed the payment site, look for the  ‘lock’ to the left of the website address to ensure the site is secure. Also, do not rely on phone numbers from an email; go to our website and confirm the phone # before calling. For your security, the District does not retain credit card or checking account numbers.

The District will never:

  • Call, email, or make a home visit demanding immediate payment
  • Call, email, or make a home visit requesting credit card, banking, or financial information
  • Request payment on a prepaid card
  • Shut off your sewer service
  • Ask you to download a copy of your invoice

What to look out for/how to spot a scam:

  • A high sense of urgency, demands for immediate payment
  • The bill advises you to send payment to a new mailing address (the District has not changed its address)
  • The bill is unusually high or threatens to cut off service
  • They ask for payment via a gift card or prepaid card

Report utility-related scams and suspicious activities to local law enforcement.