Connect to Sewer

Guide to helping homeowners “Connect to Sewer” to reliable, cost effective, environmentally- friendly public sewer. It’s easy, just follow these steps and we’ll help you through the process. If at any time you have a question or concerns, please give us a call, we’re here to assist you. Customers moving in or out of an existing home can get help from Account Assistance. If your home or business is already connected, and you want to transfer service into your name, contact Account Assistance to start service.

New Connection to Sanitary Sewer

Research & Planning

Is sanitary sewer available to my existing single-family residence?

Step 1 – Contact Us. An Engineering Technician will prepare a Sewer Availability Request Form. If sewer is available for immediate connection, then proceed to Step 2.

Connect to Sewer

Step 2: The District will complete a Connection Fee Quote for the property owner. The quote will contain the following:

  1. System Development Charge
  2. Permit Fees
  3. Reimbursements for the existing mainline and/or lateral
  4. Utility Right of Way permit (for a lateral if one is not installed)
  5. TAP on the mainline (for a lateral if one is not installed)


Step 3 – Financing Connection: Homeowner can pay in full or take advantage of District financing. If paying in full, proceed to Step 5.

Step 4 – If financing through The District, you can finance the System Development Charge and also the cost of constructing the side sewer and abandoning the septic system. Contact Us to start the financing process. This process involves:

  • Title Search – the property must have clear title
  • Preparing and recording a five or ten year payment contract for SDCs
  • Preparing and recording a Loan Agreement for construction of the side sewer

Step 5 – Construction Bids: How much will a contractor charge me to install the sewer?
Receiving three bids from contractors for the side sewer installation. Provide copies of the Bids to the District for review prior to finalizing the terms of the contract. This is provided as a service to help you make sure the bid covers the complete installation, abandonment and restoration.

Step 6 – Side Sewer Permit: Ready for connection – the property owner either has the District financing in place or is paying in full (by check or cash).

Permit Counter Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Whether you are purchasing a single permit or multiple permits (2 or more) at a time, there are convenient options to choose from. Each permit request takes approximately 15 minutes to process and receipt. Save time and submit your single-family residential permit request via email in PDF format! For Commercial and or Multi-Family Residential permit requests, please contact the Engineering department directly via phone 360-750-5876. Permit requests are processed in the order received.

Walk-in: Bring a copy of your building permit and check for payment to the District office during permit counter hours. Requests for a permit before 4:30 pm can receive same day service, pending permitting volume. A permit request received after 4:30 pm will be ready for pick up by 9:00 am the next business day. For multiple permits, customers are encouraged to pre-order the permits, as discussed below, to avoid waiting.

Single Permit Yes
Multiple Permits Not recommended
Cash Yes
Check Yes
Credit/Debit No

Email: Email a completed Pre-Order Permit Form in PDF format along with a scanned copy of the building permit(s) to Your permit card and a receipt will be ready when you arrive. Requests for three or more permits are recommended to be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, requests for one or two permits can receive same day service, pending permitting volume. For same day service, you are encouraged to submit your request before noon. Permits must be picked up and paid for by 5:00 pm on the day pick up is requested.

Single Permit Yes
Multiple Permits Yes
Cash Yes
Check Yes
Credit/Debit No

Form must be saved as PDF and completed as a file on your computer with Adobe Reader or Acrobat – be sure to download and save file prior to entering your information. All submissions via email must be in PDF format.

Construction Phase

811 Call before you digStep 7 – Construction: With permit in hand, you are clear to have your contractor begin work. Remember to dial 811 and have all underground utilities located before your contractor starts digging. If a new lateral is required, including a tap to the existing main, your contractor will need to get a tap request from the District and might also need to get a street cut permit if the connection point is within a paved roadway.

Step 8 – Inspection Process: The contractor may request the inspection when the trench is dug and the pipe is laid. The contractor may not backfill the trench until the inspector approves the work. Clark County code requires a plumbing permit for any revision to plumbing done under a house.

Step 9 – Septic Abandonment: Septic tanks must be pumped by a licensed pumper and filled with dirt, sand, gravel, or other material. The District requires proof of pumping. A copy of the permit application is sent to Clark County Public Health to inform them of the connection to public sewer.

Service Phase

Step 10 – Utility Billing: Now you are in service and ready to enjoy the benefits of public sewer. As a new customer, monthly Billing will begin once the inspection is approved. The District bills every other month, for two months of service. Bills are due on the last day of the second month.

Special Assessment Billing for contract – if the property owner financed the connection fees, then the property owner will also receive a monthly bill for the special assessment. This payment must be sent directly to the District office.

What if sewer isn’t immediately available to my house?

Submit a Request for Utility Review and the engineering staff will study the property and system to find out what it will take to get you connected. Don’t worry, however, we have many other Residential Connection Options to help in the process.

What if my property isn’t in the District’s sewer service Area?

The property is NOT within the sewer service area. Sewer service from this purveyor is NOT available.

In this situation, if the property is within the Clark County Urban Growth Boundary, then annexation may be available.