Our Service Area

The District provides services to residents and businesses living and working in unincorporated Clark County and the City of Ridgefield. Affordable and reliable sewer service is provided to approximately 100,000 people throughout more than a 47 square-mile service area. The service area stems from the Hazel Dell neighborhood at the southern end more than 10 miles North along the Interstate 5 “Discovery Corridor” to the City of Ridgefield. Similarly, the area spans from the Felida neighborhood in the West, overlooking Vancouver Lake and the Columbia River, more than 10 miles East to the neighborhoods of Brush Prairie and Orchards. The District also serves the rural centers of Meadow Glade and Hockinson, situated near Battle Ground, Washington and the Cascade foothills. Some maps and basic statistics about our area and system are provided below.



  • Service Area – 47+ square miles
  • Equivalent Residential Units (ERU) – 53,000+
  • Customers – 40,000+
  • Collection System – 775+ miles gravity and pressure pipe
  • Pump Stations – 77
  • STEP Systems – 890+
Our Service Area

District Service Area Mapping provided on the website

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