Throughout the course of operations, the District will frequently have the need for consultant support. The District will procure additional support from “Professional” and various “other Personal” services firms as necessary to serve our customers in the best manner possible. In order to facilitate the selection of consultants, the District uses a consultant roster. Consultant services solicited by the District may include:

  • Professional Services “A&E”: Architecture, Engineering, Surveying, & Landscape Architecture as defined in accordance with RCW 39.80.020.
  • Personal Services: All other services, including but not limited to public outreach, accounting, communications, legal, strategic planning, environmental reviews, and human resources.
Request for Proposal

Small Works

Small Works projects (less than $300,000) may be advertised or bids may be solicited from contractors on the District’s Municipal Research Small Works Roster in lieu of advertising.

Consultant Resources


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The District uses MRSC’s shared online database of Consultant Rosters to facilitate solicitation and selection of Consultants. Also, any projects utilizing a “Request For Proposal” will be advertised in the local newspaper and online.

All consultants submitting a proposal or quote will be notified by the District following selection.

The District typically uses a progress payment process. Invoices are reviewed by the Project Manager and the District Engineer. Payment is processed and approved at the Board meetings held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.