Low-Income Senior Citizen Discount Program

The District is pleased to be able to offer rate assistance to qualifying low-income senior citizens. Currently, this program supports more than 250 households at a cost of approximately a nickel per month to all District customers. In order to qualify for the program, low-income seniors must meet the following eligibility criteria and income requirements:

  1. Age 62 or older
  2. Own and live year-round in their homes
  3. May not own additional rental or investment properties; and
  4. Annual household income is within the Federal Poverty Guidelines noted below
Year Household Annual Income Discount
2023-2024 Up to $24,650 35% discount
Up to $39,440 per year 20% discount
2024-2025 Up to $25,550 35% discount
Up to $40,880 per year 20% discount

Eligible seniors wishing to participate need to present these documents at the District office:

  • Copy of prior year’s tax return. If you are not required to file an income tax return, submit copies of your prior year’s October, November, and December bank statements.
  • Valid picture ID with date of birth (first-time applicants only).
  • Copy of prior year’s annual social security income statement or an alternate retirement statement (e.g., pensions, IRAs).

Seniors currently receiving the discount will receive a Renewal Affidavit by mail in early June to complete, sign, and return by June 30 to prevent a lapse in their discount. Others should stop by or call the District office to request an application packet.

The new guidelines and discount rates begin August 1 of the current year through July 31 of the following year.