An Important Investment in Clark County’s Future

The NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline project will install just over a half mile of new 30-inch diameter sewer pipe in NE 20th Avenue between NE 152nd Street and NE 139th Street.

This project is needed to support planned future growth and economic development in the District’s service area. Construction is estimated to begin in Spring 2022 and finish in Fall 2022.

This investment in new sewer infrastructure will provide continued reliable and effective service for our Salmon Creek area customers for at least another 50 years, while at the same time protecting public health and the environment.

Construction Impacts

Construction to install the sewer will use open-cut excavation methods, which consists of digging a trench, laying pipe, and backfilling. Careful planning is taking place to minimize impacts to local businesses and the travelling public. Sewer service will be maintained during construction.

What to expect during construction:

  • Construction of the sewer pipeline will impact businesses, residents, and the travelling public along NE 20th Avenue and parts of NE 139th Street (i.e., at the intersection NE 20th Avenue and NE 139th Street).
  • The District is committed to maintaining regular and consistent communication with affected businesses and residents to minimize and mitigate the impacts of construction.
  • More information will be provided regarding anticipated construction impacts as the design progresses.
NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline project
NE 20th Avenue Sewer Pipeline project


There is a great deal of work that needs to be completed before construction can begin, including detailed design and engineering, acquisition of easements and permits, and selecting a construction contractor through a competitive bid process. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2022 and finish in Fall 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Funding for the project will come from system development charge revenue, which is collected from new development.
There is no foreseeable additional work at this time.

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