Campus Facilities Master Plan

Investing for a Future of Reliable Service

After more than 20 years at its current location, the Board of Commissioners of Clark Regional Wastewater District (District) is preparing to expand facilities on its campus to house its growing operations for the next 20 years. After a review of alternatives, the District Board has supported a plan to invest more than $13 Million to expand and improve its Operations Center. Once complete, in 2022, the improvements will provide the District with the facilities necessary to meet the increasing demand for District services and improve the resiliency of District operations.

“The demand for District services has and will continue to grow. Every new customer represents more wastewater and more pipes and pumps that must be managed. Re-investing in the current campus is the most cost-effective solution for the near term, which supports the District’s Mission to provide the community with affordable and reliable service,” said Norm Harker, Board President.

District offices will remain open during construction; however, the Board Meeting Room will not be available for public use due to safety concerns.

Aerial perspective of campus

Aerial perspective of campus, image courtesy of MWA Architects

Campus Facilities Master Plan

Facilities to Support a Future of Reliable Service

The existing facilities were built in 1996, and the District began operating at its current location in 1997. The existing campus and facilities have served the District well and provide a solid platform to build upon. However, after 20 years, the time has come for re-investment to ensure a future of reliable service.

The project is comprised of a mixture of new facilities, new site improvements and modest remodeling of existing facilities. This will provide space for vehicles, equipment, materials and staff that are essential to delivering affordable and reliable service for our customers. The project was designed overall to maximize the potential of the existing campus while ensuring adequate room for safe operations.

Facilities to Support a Future of Reliable Service"

Operations – A new 8,000 square foot (sf) operations building, which will house the field operations team, is at the center of the project.


Administration – Modest remodeling of the existing facility will provide space to accommodate additional staff and consolidate work groups for greater efficiency and enhance security.


Maintenance – A 3,600 sf addition and seismic upgrades of the existing maintenance bays, which house essential vehicles; 5,880 sf of covered storage for equipment and materials; new decant facility and vehicle wash bay.

Site Improvements

Site Improvements – Additional parking for employees and fleet, improved site circulation and pedestrian access and enhanced security.

Construction Methods

Improving District Operations and Preparedness

Emergency preparedness was a key design factor for the project. Housing critical infrastructure, vehicles, and equipment in the new facilities and seismically-upgraded facilities will make them more accessible in the event of an emergency.

  • Seismic design and construction standards and techniques have improved since the current facilities were built in 1996.


  • Construction will commence in 2019 and be complete in 2022.
    • Design & Permitting – Q4 2019
    • Construction
      • South Parking – Q4 2019
      • Campus Facilities – 2020 to 2022